Media Relations

Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome Makes College Basketball Debut

Client: Travelocity Tactics: Media Relations Strategy: Established a creative media pitch involving an opportunity to interview Travelocity’s iconic “Roaming Gnome” mascot Outcomes: Over a dozen media placements and nearly 1 million impressions   It may sound strange – pitching Travelocity’s de facto mascot the Gnome for TV, radio and newspaper interviews. He can’t even talk, […]

Bringing Awareness to Distracted Driving

Client: McGeorge Toyota Tactics: Media Relations, Social Media Strategy: Separated McGeorge Toyota from its competitors by helping to raise awareness of distracted driving through the establishment of a scholarship program Outcomes: More than 1 million impressions, increased brand awareness   In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. About 10% […]

Message in a Bottle

Client: Rock Bottom Brewery Tactics: Media Relations Strategy: Created a press kit as unique and iconic as Rock Bottom’s popular craft brews Outcomes: Media coverage resulting in more than 6 million impressions Rock Bottom Brewery – a national icon in the restaurant/brewery industry – targeted Richmond, Va. to open a new location in 2014. Selecting […]

Increasing Awareness and Supporting Donor Relationships Through Media Relations

Client: Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia Tactics: Media Relations Strategy: Leveraged high-profile charitable deeds into increased media coverage and awareness of Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia Outcomes: Media Coverage On Dec. 9, 2014, Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia granted its most impactful wish of the year. Lee, a 15-year-old diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, received his wish of a Tracker Bass […]

Planting A Seed For Media Coverage

Client: YWCA Sprout School’s Press Kit Tactics: Social Media Strategy: creating a press kit as unique and iconic as the new school’s name, brand and curriculum: The Sprout School Outcomes: Media Coverage When two of Richmond’s most respected nonprofits partnered to create a unique preschool to be housed in a children’s museum, they needed a […]

A History Story Like No Other Results In Pride and $10,000 Donation

Client: UMFS’ Media Relations Program Tactics: Media Relations Strategy: Targeted local reporter Bill Lohmann from The Richmond Times-Dispatch to tell a history story that could have come from a Hollywood movie. Outcomes: Media Coverage It was a story that most would believe came from a Nicholas Sparks movie. Our client UMFS, which ran an orphanage […]

Fostering Futures Op-Ed Gains Virginia Lawmaker’s Attention

Client: UMFS Fostering Futures Op-ed Strategy: sharing statistics about what happens to youths if they age out of foster care and how it affects state budgets It’s a real crisis – a teenager in Virginia’s foster care system turns 18 and is forced onto the street with no help. The solution? Adding to the state […]

Marine PR Work

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Client           Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) Tactics         Media Relations, Grassroots Marketing, Legislative Support, Social Media Strategy      Establish strategic alliances with PWC groups and clubs in order to communicate the message of safety on the water and push signatures for the pledge. Outcomes     Media Coverage, Social Engagement and Growth, Increase in Signatures of Online Pledge Form […]