Creating Engaging Campaigns During COVID-19

One of our clients, River Ridge, recently celebrated their anniversary this fall and asked us to develop a campaign to promote it, without hosting a traditional, large-scale event due to the uncertainties of COVID. We knew we would have to find unique ways to celebrate while garnering media attention and engaging with key stakeholders.

This campaign has pushed us to consider unique and innovative ways we can engage with our client’s target audiences. When we might otherwise turn to a media alert about a noteworthy event, inviting key players, there are many other ways to recognize a client celebration, anniversary or other milestone within the current reality of COVID-19.

Here are some ways we successfully celebrated, engaging with key stakeholders including customers, community members and partner organizations.

Focused on creating excitement virtually. Utilize social media and website content to engage with guests who might otherwise attend a physical event you’re hosting. Are there any contests or giveaways you can have stakeholders participate in on your social media? Ways to get them excited about a campaign through updates on your website? For River Ridge’s anniversary, we asked guests and the community to share some old photos and memories with us on social – we received lots of entries for a fun digital showcase.

Fostered relationships with key stakeholders. This celebration was an opportunity for us to connect with members of the community who could reflect on our client’s history and share excitement for all that’s to come in the future. We interviewed these stakeholders and shared their messages on our client’s social media, receiving significant engagement.

Utilized video to tell a story. Videos are a great way to capture the essence of a campaign, especially when in-person celebrations are limited. For this anniversary celebration, we interviewed retailers, compiled old photographs of the property, and shared excitement for the future of the property in a video on social media. This was also an opportunity for us to utilize IGTV for this client for the first time and branch into using this new tool.

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