Ditch the “Instagram Wall” and Tell a Story

If you’re even the least bit familiar with influencers and Instagram culture, you’ll know that bright, colorful walls have been a way for Instagrammers to make their content trendy and vibrant over the years. However, these “Instagram walls” – like the notable Los Angeles wings – may not be as valued as they once were.

In her article in The Atlantic, Taylor Lorentz notes that Instagrammers are sharing more organic and unfiltered content today. Millennial influencers are stepping away from overly-planned and posed photos that were once so popular. We can even see brands like Glossier trying to be more authentic and relatable, too, even to the extent of sharing memes to the brand’s Instagram page.

This is an important trend to note when it comes to organizations’ social channels.

Organizations should consider ditching the “Instagram wall” aesthetic and start seeking out content that tells a larger, more authentic story. Who are the people that make up your organization? What activities do your employees enjoy? What causes do you regularly support? Your Instagram posts can reflect the “real” side of your organization, which might even lead to greater engagement.

You don’t always know what’s going to happen when it happens, but you can think ahead to different events your organization puts on or trips your employees will take. Consider what type of visual content will be available for you to post. When spontaneous moments do arise, like a team outing for lunch, have your phone ready to snap a pic.

Of course, your photos should still have visual appeal. Make sure your images are bright and engaging, but not staged to the point that they feel stuffy – or obvious that you spent thirty minutes trying to pose in front of a cool wall.

When considering social media strategy for your organization, or even for your clients, think about how you can leverage your uniqueness and authenticity. Stakeholders will want to know about the great work you’re doing, who your organization is, and what makes you original. “Unfiltered” content can do just that.

Lorentz notes that today, anyone can post a photo of a freshly-manicured hand holding a cup of coffee. I’ll add that not everyone can share the behind-the-scenes moments that make up your organization.

Have you noticed this trend in your own feed? What are your thoughts on this type of content?

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