Allie’s First Month Recap

As of today, I have survived my first month at my new job! Navigating a new career in a new city is never easy, but… who am I kidding? The transition has been awesome. I love my new apartment, my new neighborhood, and my new job! And I’m not even out of college yet.

In four short weeks, I’ve learned more about public relations than I ever did in my previous marketing-focused internships. I’ve already worked on eight different campaigns, created event planning templates, wrote media advisories, coordinated event sponsors, boosted clients’ social media presences, and learned the ins and outs of writing and sending out press releases. I’ve mastered HootSuite, Coverage Book, and publicity matrices. (Jury’s still out on Outlook.) I’ve even gotten in contact with journalists and reporters from big networks and publications. My obsessive organizational skills and all-too-cheery people skills are really coming in handy right about now.

And the cherry on top? My colleagues are fab-tastic. We have a casual office, so I don’t have to make that hard transition from my Silicon Valley roots, where CEOs wear hoodies to board meetings and Birks are considered appropriate work footwear. We’re all super friendly, cause PR & marketing as a field tends to weed out the grumps. It doesn’t hurt that I have my own office, and this building is gorgeous. We’re on the top floor, there are lots of windows that open up to views of the trees outside, and there’s exposed brick in the conference room, which I don’t get to see often in California.

All in all, I feel so lucky to be where I am right now, professionally and in life. I can’t wait to see where this experience with Commonwealth PR takes me and am so excited to spend the next few months with this wonderful group of people!


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