Managing Screen Time

As working from home becomes a permanent solution for many businesses, much of our day is spent staring at our computer screens. In public relations this is especially true as we draft press releases, email journalists, or check the news. Don’t forget about how we might need to use our phones to visit our client’s social media accounts.  It is harder and harder to find times when we are not faced with a screen.  

This is a much bigger problem than it may seem. Too much screen time can lead to:  

But this is a problem that we can work to fix! First, it is important to understand your current screen time habits. Apple phones will share screen time reports to help detail the amount of time spent on each application. Every Sunday, I take stock of the amount of time spent on different applications and set goals for myself to limit screen time. On other devices, take note of when you perform certain tasks or open different applications.   

Next, budget out your screen time. Turn off notifications on all non-essential platforms and pencil in specific five-minute periods during the day when you will check that specific platform. I only check my personal Instagram for 5-10 minutes while on my lunch break and then around dinnertime.  It can be helpful to schedule screen-free breaks throughout each day. Take breaks to step outside, stretch, read a book, or spend time with family – without any devices getting in the way.  

These are just a few tips to keep in mind as we balance our time!  

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