Managing Stress from Home – Sharing the Load

By: Alana Stillitano

It seems like every day there are hundreds of news alerts popping up on our phones that deliver alarming statistics or disheartening information about the state of the world. Though it is important to have an understanding of the world around you, it can be a challenge to remain relaxed when the high-stakes news floods in 24/7.  

 On top of following the news and industry trends, you have to manage your business – all of the ins and outs of what your clients need, regulations, goals, managing employees, strategic communication, external communication, working remotely, the list goes on and on and only adds to your stress.  

For the team at Commonwealth PR, we each have our own ways of mitigating stress during the day 


Brian Chandler, CEO  

One of the ways I ease stress is to spend some time working on my fishing gear, or my boat. There’s always something that can be done with my gear, from organizing my lurers, putting new line or braid on my reels, or getting rid of old equipment. On the boat, it always needs a wash, polish or maintenance. Any of these activities take my mind off work and stress.” 

Frazier Fulton, Director of Client Services 

“Even before working from home, I have always needed a clear-cut line between work and my evenings even when we were in the office. I would typically head to the barre studio to catch a class immediately after work. Otherwise, I’d log back in to work on client projects after busy days full of meetings. Now, I catch a workout live stream from home as soon as I log off followed by making a new or favorite recipe. Also, lots of breaks throughout the day for snuggles with my rescue pup, Ace!” 

Alissa Poole, Account Executive 

“Walking my dog allows me to get outside, listen to my favorite podcasts and get some exercise every day. These walks are one of my favorite parts of my day and have been essential to maintaining my sanity during this last year” 

Julia Brewster, Account Executive 

 “Working from home certainly has its unique challenges, so it’s important to find ways to help manage stress when your home/work life is in the same environment. For me, this includes making an effort to connect with my colleagues throughout the day and doing things I wouldn’t get to do in the office, like setting up to work in the living room with my kittens!”  

Ellie Forkins, Senior Account Coordinator  

“I have found two ways to manage my stress while working from home during the pandemic. I’ve really enjoyed getting in a quick workout during lunch. As Elle Woods so eloquently put it, ‘Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.’” 

 Alana Stillitano, Account Coordinator 

“I used to keep the news on in the background during the day. I realized that this was only adding to my stress levels. Now, make sure to be intentional with my news watching. I also find it helpful to take a five-minute break to listen to a relaxing meditation. Then I am ready to jump back in!” 

 Alexa Shockley, Public Relations College Intern  

Finding new ways to cope with stress requires quite a bit of creativity on college campuses these days. My internship with Commonwealth PR, has actually been a source of stress relief. I feel that I am getting great work experience and I know that I am going to be more prepared for graduation.” 


Some of these tips might help managing the stresses of daily life, but do you need help managing the extra intricacies of effective marketing and public relations? Our team can take the pressure off and accomplish strategic communications goals for your business. Give us a call at (804) 510-0039 to see how we can help!  


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