Media Relations and Building Brand Authority

By: Julia Brewster

When you think of media relations, you might think about an interview with your company’s CEO about company news or a story about your brand’s new product. Media relations can also serve as a way to build brand awareness and educate your key publics – not necessarily to “sell” something, but to serve as an expert source on a subject. This, in turn, can lead to sales while also building brand authority and thought leadership.

We worked with the Virginia Medical Cannabis Coalition to create a comprehensive guide for Virginians interested in becoming medical cannabis patients, all about how to become a patient, including meeting with a doctor, what the actual administrative process looks like to register as a patient, and more. The goal was to have VMCC recognized as an authoritative source on Virginia’s medical cannabis program.

Upon creating this guide, we crafted a media relations pitch to get more eyes from potential patients on it and to the VMCC website.

One of the media outlets that we pitched, NBC12, shared a web story including the patient registration guide. We shared the story to the VMCC Facebook page, garnering 38 initial shares and 185 engagements – with likely even more engagements as potential patients shared to their personal Facebook pages for friends and family to see.

Another outlet, RVAHub, shared information about the Richmond-based medical cannabis processor, while also including the link to the VMCC website and to the patient registration guide. This story received 151 shares to Facebook, once again, getting more eyes to the VMCC guide and to the website.

Media relations as a tactic can fulfill a variety of goals – from generating sales, to building brand authority. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business, and whether you’re looking to promote a new product or have your organization recognized as an industry leader, let us know how we can you help achieve your goals.

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