Our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions: PR Edition

After a year like 2020, we’re especially grateful for the opportunity to work with clients both old and new.

Here are some of our PR resolutions for 2021:

  1. Continue finding ways to be innovative.
    2020 was an opportunity for us to find unique and innovative ways of supporting our clients. Thinking outside of the box for our clients is one of many ways we best serve them – and 2020 certainly provided us an opportunity to do just that. From a retail anniversary campaign, to a virtual science fair, we enjoyed supporting our clients in innovative ways and look forward to continuing the momentum in 2021.
  1. Remain adaptable.
    This past year was filled with curveballs, from unprecedented lockdowns to mask mandates. We all had to navigate the new normal together, which significantly impacted our typical modes of operation. We had to be flexible not only in our daily lives, but in the tactics and ways we served our clients. Adaptability is key especially in our field, from working with the media, to crisis communications planning. Nevertheless, we continued to meet and exceed our client goals.
  1. Continue utilizing strategic video content.
    In 2020, we honed in on utilizing video content to tell stories, including videos to showcase MEDARVA Healthcare’s Vision & Hearing Screening Program, and even our firm’s own COVID-19 vlog series. Looking to utilize video? We can help.
  2. Be human.
    This goes without saying, but if 2020 taught us anything, most of all it taught us to be kind, to be empathetic, and to remember that you don’t know what someone may be going through. Always remember that there’s another person on the end of that phone call or that email.


What are some of your resolutions for the new year? If any of them involve communications goals, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help!

We are here to help your company succeed! Reach out today to set up a conversation with our team to discuss your needs.


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