Social Media Growth “One” Day At A Time

Client: C&F Mortgage Corporation Social Media Program

Tactics: Social Media

Strategy: To utilize the uniqueness of a “social media day” to achieve measurable growth of the company’s social media channels

Outcomes: Social Engagement and Growth

C&F Mortgage Corporation launched a Social Media Day campaign to engage employees and build its online following. In a series of special days during the summer months, the PR and marketing team worked to plan contests to engage employees, customers, and others. Then, they planned social media activities to support these activities while increasing its following and engagement. The internal push for employee engagement improved morale and online activity while it grabbed the attention of an external audience. Over three months and two social media day events, the Facebook audience grew 30%, engagement increased 375% and reach grew by 1,457%.

Research and background information was gathered through conference calls with C&F Mortgage to discuss the idea, gain consensus to execute, and insight into potential resources that can be used. We also monitored weekly activity to set goals and establish the right time and information to post. Internet research also revealed online holidays and companies that have had success engaging employees via social media.

With the primary goal of increasing employee morale, we hoped the event would, in turn, increase the engagement of potential mortgage customers socially. Our strategy was to utilize the uniqueness of a “social media day” to achieve measurable growth of the company’s social media channels.

For planning, we worked with the client’s internal marketing team to establish and plan the best day for the event, come up with communications tactics such as internal emails, and an appropriate prize to encourage participation from external audiences.

Deliverables created included 2 internal email campaign, an initial Facebook message on the day of the event, a follow-up message, and email to announce the winner.

Planning objective was to increase C&F Mortgage’s Facebook followers by 10 percent.

The first day of the campaign was June 30, 2016, because it was already deemed Social Media Day and a great tie-in to our efforts. Earlier in the week, C&F Mortgage’s marketing department sent an email to all employees. Then on the morning of June 30, they were sent a second email reminding them of the day. A post was published on both Facebook and Instagram announcing the contest and prize to the public.

Each like, share and comment were counted and responded to when necessary. Photos posted by employees and public were shared or commented on by the C&F Corporate page and sometimes shared by corresponding branch pages. Branch pages and Loan Officer pages invited their followers to ‘like’ the Corporate page in order to participate.

The second campaign was National Dog Day.

The company’s Facebook audience grew 30%, engagement on the page increased 375% and reach grew by 1457% between June 1 and September 30, 2016.

The National Dog Day post received 96 photos as comments and 6 posts to the page.