Case Study

Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association

A Concrete Solution to VRMCA’s Social Media

CLIENT: Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association

TACTICS: Social Media

STRATEGY: To create content surrounding industry news, industry history, and member news/spotlights in order to increase engagements and impressions across LinkedIn and Facebook.

OUTCOMES: In Q4, we increased VRMCA’s engagement on LinkedIn by 297.1% and Facebook by 98.3%, for an overall 229.3% increase in engagements. We increased impressions on LinkedIn by 109.3% and by 32.7% on Facebook, with an 83% total increase in impressions. Their total engagement rate also reached 10.4%, which increased by 79.9%.

When the Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association (VRMCA) approached us, they presented us with a challenge that was as solid as their product: make concrete exciting. Concrete, the unsung hero of the construction world, is strong, reliable, sustainable, and versatile for a variety of projects. It’s the second most used material on earth, second only to water. It’s everywhere, yet often overlooked. Our task was to spotlight this ubiquitous material and the people behind its use in a way that would engage and captivate audiences on social media.

We started by digging deep into the world of concrete, unearthing fun facts and fascinating stories. We discovered that concrete isn’t just the stuff of sidewalks and skyscrapers; it’s a material that has shaped our world in countless ways. From the Roman Pantheon to modern architectural marvels, concrete has been a silent partner in human progress.

We decided to spotlight the VRMCA’s members, the individuals and organizations who bring concrete to life in their projects. We wanted to show the faces and stories behind the association, to humanize the industry, and to make it relatable. We also crafted content that showcased the versatility of concrete, highlighting the unique and interesting ways it’s used in various projects.

Essentially, our content strategy was a mix of industry news, history, and member spotlights. We wanted to not only inform but also engage our audience, turning the seemingly mundane topic of concrete into a source of fascination.

And it worked.

From October to December, we saw a surge in engagement and impressions across LinkedIn and Facebook. On Facebook, impressions increased by 32.7%, with a total of 2,132 impressions. LinkedIn saw an even more impressive increase of 109.3%, with 12,471 total impressions. In total, we increased VRMCA’s total impressions by 83%, reaching a total of 16,603 impressions.

Engagement followed suit. On Facebook, we saw a 98.3% increase in engagements, with a total of 353 engagements. LinkedIn engagements skyrocketed by 297.1%, with a total of 1,366 engagements. The total engagement rate increased by 79.9%, reaching a 10.4% rate.

In the end, we achieved our goal of increasing VRMCA’s LinkedIn and Facebook engagements and impressions in Q4 of 2022. But more than that, we managed to make concrete exciting. We showed that even the most seemingly mundane topics can become truly interesting when approached with creativity and enthusiasm.

So, here’s to concrete – the foundation of the world around us, the backbone of the construction industry, and now, a social media success story.

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