Why PR Pros Should Be Included in the Social Media Strategy

I like to think of myself as tech savvy, particularly when it comes to social media. I am up to date on the latest trends, familiar with digital advertising and well-versed in TikTok dances. That’s why when clients need help with their social media content and advertising, I get excited!

In the past we’ve seen clients delegate social media tasks to a marketing department or individual. And while that’s fine, it helps to have a PR professionals’ input for a variety of reasons. I know it can seem scary to hand over control of your social media channels to someone outside of your business, but luckily platforms like Facebook allow you to collaborate with agencies and outside professionals without giving up total control. 

One main reason your PR team should be included in your business’ social media strategy is because we have extensive experience and knowledge on how to keep audiences interested and engaged. After all, it is our job to “sell” your brand’s news and story to the media. We do this by collaborating with influencers or creatively enhancing your brand’s online presence. We know how to expertly craft messaging and content that will appeal to your target audience and seamlessly fit with your marketing and PR tactics. Your social media content should not be generic and boring which can sometimes happen when you delegate this task to someone who has a thousand other marketing tasks on their hands. Instead, your business’ content should be specific to your brand or industry.

Another reason it is crucial to include your PR team in the creation of social media content is because our main focus is your company’s reputation, which can be tarnished with a single post. Last year, Burger King UK made a controversial tweet on International Women’s Day. While the brand actually had good intentions, the tweet was not received well and immediately sent Burger King UK into crisis mode. In my opinion, this is a prime example of why PR pros should be reviewing social media content. We are wired differently. Early on in our education and careers, we are taught to look at a brand from both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective in order to create a positive relationship between the brand and community.  

This brings me to my third reason: Crisis Management. One of our specialties at Commonwealth PR is that we know how to handle crises. They can happen anytime, anywhere, and as we saw with Burger King UK, they can even happen on social media. Due to the accessible nature of social media, scandals, controversies and crises can quickly spiral out of control and circulate far and wide. Luckily, PR professionals are well equipped to handle crises and monitor them, but platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be used to respond appropriately and quickly if needed.

Whether you are a brand-new business just starting out or your business is celebrating its 20th anniversary, it is never too late to include your PR team in your social media strategy. They just might surprise you with the ideas they have. And if you are looking to add a PR agency to your team, give us a shout! I promise you, we won’t disappoint. 


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