Social Fitness: How Peloton Gained Popularity

Boutique and niche fitness classes have gained popularity over the years, and consumers are spending big portions of their budgets each month to attend them. But, in 2019, the most popular trend has been the Peloton. I have never had an interest in cycle – until those Peloton commercials sucked me in and how they got me is a lesson that we all can learn from.

I noticed the ads around Christmas and then –boom –all over social media, people were posting about their order, set up, first ride and every ride after that. Friends of friends were connecting with their “rider name” and challenging each other. So how did Peloton transform at-home fitness equipment, which used to be dubbed as an expensive clothes rack, to a popular trend? They created a sense of community through social.

Peloton knows that community motivates people to work out, and in turn, cyclists will share their experiences on social to connect. That’s why boutique fitness classes soared in popularity; you gain not only a healthy habit but also a community.

The team at Commonwealth PR urges our clients to think outside of the box and improve not only their public relations strategy but their overall story. This counsel consistently leads to a broader audience, more customers and goals achieved.

For me, that’s barre classes. I have been doing barre for five years, and it is the only workout I’ve stuck to fairly consistently. I even became an instructor for a bit and our firm Commonwealth PR had several local studios as a client. On a busy, stressful day, I’m looking forward to walking into that studio and leaving everything else behind. Peloton created a community for many people the same way barre did for me.

But, a $2,000 stationary bike and a monthly subscription of $39 – Peloton was a bit out of reach for most consumers. Or was it? The company shifted its target demographic and offered easy financing. Now, you can purchase a Peloton for the same monthly price of most boutique fitness memberships while still getting the community – but your community has now expanded worldwide to over 1 million people.

The success of Peloton is a true story of reinventing a product to fit the world we live in now. It’s a blend of boutique fitness class, at-home workout and community mixed together.

Read more about Peloton’s brand marketing from AdWeek here.



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