Starting and Finding a Job During COVID-19

By Alana Stillitano

I started working at Commonwealth PR in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Getting a job offer during a crisis is a rare opportunityand I was thrilled that the team saw potential in me without even meeting me face-to-face. Within weeks, I felt that I was truly welcomed into the Commonwealth PR family and able to contribute to client needs.  Though I am looking forward to working in the same office with the team, we are all working remotely until it is safe. At the moment, I am working from Charlotte, North Carolina.  

When you do not have the chance to meet your team face-to-face, it can be hard to create the “normal” work-place atmosphere. However, at Commonwealth PR, we have maintained strong communication through daily video calls, chats, email updates and more. It took a few days to  get used to this setup but everything has worked swimmingly. The team is quick to respond to questions and help direct projects.   

Hiring new team members during a worldwide phenomena is a challenge. Many companies are not in a position to be adding new employees. However, if one is able to build up a strong resume and showcase advantageous skillsthe odds of being considered drastically increase.  

  • It is important to take this time to enhance communication, writing, and other unique skills of interest. This way you can elevate yourself above the competition when jobs open up.  
  • Build up your portfolio with practice projects. Design logos for companies you create or press releases for sample situations.  
  • Utilize online learning platforms to become an expert in a certain field of interest. LinkedIn, YouTube and many other companies have free opportunities to develop new skills.  
  • Strengthen your network. Now is a great time to build up your professional network. Most professionals are happy to jump on a phone or video call for an informational interview. 

If you’re a student and have questions about finding a job during a pandemic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Or, if you have any questions about hiring during a pandemic, contact Brian Chandler at 

We are here to help your company succeed! Reach out today to set up a conversation with our team to discuss your needs.


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