Take 1…Action! CPR Adds Video Projects to Client Services

Take 1…Action! CPR Adds Video Projects to Client Services

By Emily Mitchell, account coordinator

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so how many is a video worth?

In this day and age when content is king, you might want to think about how video is another form of content that can be used in multiple ways to influence, drive traffic or brand your company.

The idea for a video is to enhance the experience you want for your audience. Whether it’s a short three-second video, or something longer, the images, words, and graphics will help tell a story. Sometimes the content you want for your business is there, but trying to effectively convey that content to your target audience is your struggle. That’s where your team here at Commonwealth PR can help. We are expanding our client services by offering specialty videos, intended to fit your company’s brand, image, and budget. We’ll take your story, product, brand, idea or thought and piece together the content package you were imagining.

Take a look at what we mean:

News-worthy interviews – We can record and capture special moments to transform into a complete news ready package. With an interview and b-roll footage already in place, we can create a personalized “VNR” or Video News Release to send to local media outlets. While VNRs (Video News Releases) have been around for a while, we remove the hassle of large production costs and focus on what reporters want to see because we work with them on a daily basis. Our videos will create a better relationship with your company and media networks.

Product promotions – Add depth and excitement to a product by adding a 360-degree view, fun music, and eye-catching transitions. Posting a video to social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram will immediately produce a call-to-action for your audience as they watch, like, comment and share to others in their social timelines. This will help keep your audience engaged and lead to better results.

Event promotions – This is an easy and more effective way to spread the word of an upcoming event. Change a boring flyer into an interactive video and get people more excited about attending, and maybe even participating.

External footage – Send us your own images and slides and we will compile them into one complete video. This video footage was sent all the way from Venice, Florida and we were able to capture the boat’s beauty and power and sent it along with a press release for TV stations to use with the story.

All videos we make are in-house using our own personal equipment to provide you with a new form of content. Plus, we can do them at a fraction of the cost that a videographer or a large production studio would do. Let’s be clear though, if you need an ad, a documentary, or something more long-form, those are the guys you should call. We enjoy the short, fun, wallet-friendly projects to help separate you from your competition.

By adding videos to your repertoire of content marketing, you can bring a new experience and overall perspective to your audience.

Contact us here at Commonwealth PR to learn more! Try not to spend hours watching cat videos on YouTube before you do!

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