Teamwork Makes the “Ham-Work”

We all know the dreaded, “share a fun fact about yourself,” team building exercise. It can be hard to find an innovative way to strengthen your connection within a team. Whether you have been working with the same team for 10 years or for 10 days, enhancing your work relationships can bring significant value to you and your clients. 

Recently, our team had a chance to come together in person, at our Short Pump office space. Though we get to talk as a team every day, we wanted to find a fun way to get to know one another on a different level. During one of our working lunches, Director of Client Services Frazier Fulton led our team in a unique team building experience. 

“Draw a pig.” (see the full test with analysis here)

There are so many directions to take this. Cartoon, realistic, stick, etc. We might be communication specialists, but pencil drawings might not be our forté. After a few minutes of pencils tapping across the paper, we each had our pigs. 

It was fascinating to see how each of us interpreted the assignment so differently. Then the analysis began. 

We looked at where the pig was drawn on the page (high up, in the center or towards the bottom). From the direction the pig was facing, the number of details in the image, the number of legs and the length of the tail, each held a different meaning according to the test. 

For example, the size ears you drew on your pig indicates how good of a listener you might be. If you drew your pig to face the left, you might have a tendency to believe in tradition and remember dates well. 

Though the test held no scientific analysis on our personalities, it was a fun way to start a conversation and got us all laughing. It made us think about how we interact with one another and the character traits that we see within ourselves. 

As a team member who does not live in Richmond, I value every time I can work with my team. It is the fun and unique ways that we interact that makes us stand out. We are always able to bring an element of fun into our work and this helps us to put our best work forward with clients. 


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