Understanding PR Strategy: Proactive vs Reactive Media Relations

Our team at Commonwealth PR is always weighing our options between proactive and reactive media relations for our clients. Both strategies are important for a successful PR campaign or plan for many different reasons.

Here’s a breakdown of what these strategies entail:

Proactive media relations include tactics like outreach to the media on any company news, events, or stories that can elevate your brand or help reach company goals. Typically, this is the bulk of our day-to-day implementation of PR campaigns and plans. We’re always working with our clients to identify potential opportunities for proactive outreach.

Reactive media relations involve responding to news situations that align with a client’s expertise, industry, or goals. It can also involve responding to crisis situations through media statements and outreach. This is why media monitoring is so important.

Every successful PR campaign includes a balance between proactive and reactive media relations. With every client, we discuss when should we release their news and why. For some clients, their industry has a specific season that draws more attention to its news. In those cases, we are much more proactive during their season and focus on reactive media relations during their down time.

When appropriate, we also proactively brief journalists with fact sheets and informational interviews with subject matter experts if we know a story within the industry is coming up but it’s a tricky or confusing topic. This is how we build our relationships with reporters and help them provide accurate news stories.

Strategy behind every PR tactic is key in ensuring major success. We are always weighing every option for our clients. Have a question about proactive and reactive opportunities for your company? Reach out to the team at Commonwealth PR.

We are here to help your company succeed! Reach out today to set up a conversation with our team to discuss your needs.


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