What We Have Learned While Working From Home – Two Years Later

More and more businesses have begun transitioning to a “new normal.” Whether that means working in the office or from home full-time (or some combination of both), it is important to reflect on the past two years many of us have spent at home.   

At Commonwealth PR, our team has learned valuable lessons and working from home has allowed for growth in different ways than expected.  

Here are the major lessons learned and skills strengthened from the comfort of our homes: 

  • Time management. This was a skill that was forced to become strong while working from home. Though it is wonderful getting to work so close to family, it can be a challenge to separate or get the space you need to complete tasks. Time management helped to organize home life and work life and make sure everything got done in an efficient manner.  
  • Taking breaks. When we started working from home, it was imperative to take short breaks. Sometimes I will use a quick break to change locations – I like to work from different areas of my house to change my perspective. There are times when a five-minute meditation can provide the boost of creativity I need when I feel stumped. A stretch break is another strategy I have used to help get more blood flowing and encourage creative thinking.  
  • Developing stronger communication. When COVID-19 first caused us to move into our home offices, it seemed like it would be even harder to communicate. As PR professionals, we took this challenge head on. We were able to figure out the best ways to ensure the entire team felt heard and that work was moving efficiently. Every morning, we start the day off with a video call to help fill each other in on our schedules. 
  • Work/Life Balance. When working in the office, your constant emails live after 5 p.m. or over the weekend. If I was in the kitchen making dinner and heard my email notification go off in my office, I would dash to act. It was hard to separate work life from home life. I had to create boundaries and implement a schedule to balance the two in an easier way.  
  • Connection does not stop even though we are apart. I have found that even though we do not meet in person, I am still able to connect with my colleagues. There are times where we instant message about life or fun items and share more of our personality. The bonding and connectivity that comes from working in an office does not go away. It simply changes its form.   
  • Traffic. The best part of course! There is no traffic from the bedroom to the office – no matter what time of day it is!  

What lessons have you learned while working from home in the past two years? 

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